The Stores

The majority of stores in the UK now sell their own their brands and many trade names are actual known brands that used to exist but now live on only as a name. So many of the brands that we buy are made under licence or just simply badged. Most major manufacturers use 3rd party factories to produce their products to reduce costs which is good on the day of sale but unless they also allow access to these factories then parts are very hard to obtain. Secrecy of supply by both the stores and the factory make the problem of obtaining spares even harder.

When A Brand Is Not Quite What It Seems

Titan is a Screwfix owned brand and Screwfix is a Kingfisher own brand. Titan power tools are a non trading company but from the amount of product they put their name to you would think they were a large manufacturer of power tools and garden machinery. Here’s a link showing just how inactive they are. That’s odd. 

Ok so Titan Power Tools exist but are not much use for supplying spares for their brand. Solent Tools offer as many spares as we can and Screwfix and B&Q recommend us for spares. So you would think that these brands that pride themselves on their green credentials would work with us to obtain the spares that you need. This is the B&Q idea of being green “one planet” . Not much mention of keeping your machine going with spares but maybe being an eco warrior is how you scrap perfectly repairable machines rather than avoiding to scrap them in the first place.

Being Green Can Be A Win Win

Just to be clear Solent Tools are not a charity. As a company we make our profit from selling spares so the more access we have to spares the more spares we can sell. We are though absolutely driven to save as many machines as possible from being thrown away. Some machines to be fair probably need to be put out of their misery having been made so poorly in the first place. Others we get familiar with and they become part of our lives or even part of our memories when handed down from a loved one. Spare parts and cost effective repairs are too often under appreciated in this so called modern green world where the sustainability of the products production seems to be promoted while the ability to maintain or repair a machine never gets a look in. 


However to tell a customer of B&Q or Screwfix that the simple replaceable part they require to save putting 3kg of scrap into landfill is sat somewhere in the world waiting to be ordered but due to supply secrecy you will never get is bonkers. It’s even more bonkers for them as ultimately they have to dispose of these tools. How much margin is built in for the scrapping of such tools? Surely it would be better to spend just a fraction of these costs in supporting someone like Solent Tools to avoid the high costs of sending products to land fill. Brands that offer spares have always been able get a higher a higher price at the point of sale because sensible purchasers like the knowledge that they will have a real after sales.  

Help us to help you get these spares. Maybe you will have more luck than we have in trying to convince Kingfisher PLC that we have no interest in selling machines. We only sell spares! Email and tell them why their brands are known as throw away disposable brands sold on price only when so many of their products are produced by top worldwide manufacturers with many years of useful service ahead. Even if only some basic spares were available.

Kingfisher Are One Of The Good Guys

Before you think we are Kingfisher bashing then no. We have more access to Kingfisher factories than any other own brand seller in the UK. So why not all? Different management in their group have totally different views on how helpful they can be putting us in contact with where the spares are sat waiting to be ordered for their customers. The stock reply is for example. Titan Power Tools have their own spares supply dealership. They believe Titan is a real brand like maybe Bosch or Black and Decker. Kingfisher will tell us that Titan is a Screwfix brand so they have to give us the contact details for the factory. Screwfix will tell us only Kingfisher can give us the permission to contact the factory. Round and round it goes and into the ground they go.   

Ask About Spares Before You Buy

Compared to many other own brand retailers of power tools and garden machinery Kingfisher group are probably the most helpful to us. Where we have been lucky to have contact with parts of their management who understand that for them it is a win win win option. Pass the buck to us to obtain the spares they get less returns under warranty plus more customer brand loyalty which ultimately means more sales. O to be sat at one of their sustainability meetings to help them grasp such a simple concept.

Due to a complete lack of legal requirements the bar is set so low for these large retailers in regards to spare parts and accessories that in many cases even service parts recommended in their own instructions are never made available. 

The only way things will change is if we ask are spares available in the UK? Before you buy phone or email the service company for the product and check what they stock. Many have only a few odd spares and no intention of replacing spares as they run out. 

Thank you for reading this, I feel better for getting this off my chest.